Frequently Asked Questions  

What is a psychic?

A psychic or clairvoyant is a person who has the ability to lift what is considered their “normal” energy or consciousness and connect to a “higher energy” in the afterworld.

Once a connection is made, the psychic can communicate with the spirit world by hearing, seeing or feeling, and are given information about the client which they pass on. Please note: Psychics are NOT magic. It takes many years to become a good reader. Mastering the art of interpretation and translation correctly is not easy; however it should ALWAYS be done in a positive way.


What is a psychic reading?  

A reading provides guidance and confirmation for various situations going on around you in everyday life. For most people, questions consist mainly of work, love, family, health, travel, and money.

The object of having a reading is to help give upliftment and hope, and provide educated answers in order for you to make better choices in your life.


What can I expect in a reading?

You should expect to be provided with sufficient information to enable you to reassess your situation and have the opportunity to make any necessary changes for the better. A psychic can show you a direction you may not have seen before, but taking that direction is completely up to you.


How do I know if a reader is genuine?

Whilst not magic, a genuine reader should be as precise and accurate as possible when describing situations around you at the time of the reading. They should be able to provide what is called “Proof of survival” .

This is the ability to be able to tell you things about your life or people in your life that there is no way the reader would know. No psychic has ALL the answers and sometimes cannot see things. If this is the case, they should be honest with you and say so. It would be fair to say if someone is disappointed in a reading it is possible they went with preconceived ideas of what they wanted to hear or be told.


What is the difference between a tarot reading, and a psychic reading?

Tarot is using the interpretation of cards and pictures to predict an outcome, whereas a psychic uses the clients own energy to predict an outcome.


How often should I go for a reading?

The answer to this differs, depending on each person’s situation. Whilst it could not necessarily be considered healthy to be going every month for example, some people need more guidance in their personal life than others.

For example, some people come every 3-4 months, whilst others come every 9 to 12 months. Bear in mind a sudden crisis such as a death or separation can often be eased through having a reading.


Do I have to follow my reading?

No you don’t. You can choose to totally ignore what you have been told, however I predict nothing much will change in your life if you do!

Since only the 10 commandments are written in stone, we can always change the outcome of what a psychic tells us. So do not get fearful if they say something that upsets you. That upset could be a great opportunity to change something in your life.


My religion says I shouldn’t have a reading

That is a choice that you should make, however bear in mind spiritual readings do not espouse any religious belief.  My personal belief is the information provided comes from a higher power and is only EVER offered with the highest good in mind. Such a positive experience should only improve your life


Aren’t all readings the same?

Not at all. Whilst some situations can be similar, and thus similar advice offered, everyone’s situation is different. If a reader says the same thing in every single reading, even when it is not appropriate or significant, then perhaps they are not genuine.


Aunty Mavis” didn’t come through – why not?

 A genuine reader never knows who is going to come through. Whilst a client may expect immediate family or a loved one in particular to come through, going for a reading provides the spirit world the opportunity to speak to you and you alone. This can result in all sorts of spirit people coming through, e.g. old teachers,  neighbors, friends of the family and sometimes even those you don’t want to hear from. If this happens, it may be that person has come through to apologize  for something they did to hurt you previously. Have no expectations. Just be totally open.