I have now had two reading with Jane and she is just amazing At my first reading Jane told me that I would be getting married in two years and that it would be a garden wedding with meat on a spit going in the the back ground Well the day after the reading I flew back to Oz for my engagement party and then to have my father inlaw tell me the same thing that Jane had told me two days before How freaky Jane is a level above anyone else I have had reading form and would recommend her to anyone


I have just had a reading with Jane who I found to be a wonderful person, kind, compassionate and extremely positive. The experience was wonderfully transformative and has provided the direction and purpose in my life I was seeking. She connected me to my loved ones in an a very beautiful and emotional experience I will never forget and provided her gentle and very positive guidance and advice as to how best to go forward. I strongly recommend Jane and her beautiful gift. Barbara


I had my first reading with Jane last week (Jan 2013) and it was such a great experience. Her no-nonsense approach, combined with an incredibly accurate reading and practical, down to earth direction was superb. Would highly recommend a visit to Jane to anyone who is looking for confirmation and support on their life journey.


Over the 2 years I lived in AK I saw Jane 5 times. Sometimes I would just go for a broad reading, other times for a specific reason. Every time was absolutely amazing and so incredibly helpful and truthful. Jane is such a wonderful lady. She makes you feel at ease almost instantly, and would answer any questions i had with a very honest approach. I think that is what I am most grateful for, her honesty. Her accuracy still continues to blow my mind! Thank you Jane, from the bottom of my heart! x


Jane is an exceptional Psychic...Warm hearted and totally sincere.My personal Reading from her was incredibly accurate.I totally recommend Jane. You will not be disappointed. A heart felt thank you Jane, it was such a pleasure to have met you.


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful reading last Saturday. The timing was perfect for me and I came away feeling extremely positve and confident about my future and also about who I am as a person. This week I feel as if my load has been lighter and I feel calm and happy and at peace with myself. It was lovely to meet you also as you radiate goodness and strength and I enjoyed being in your company. Thanks and regards Bev


Absolutely amazing... Jane is exactly what I needed - Jane was referred to me by a friend and I'm so glad I met with her. I really do believe that your money and time couldn't be better spent! I highly recommend her and will definitely be back!


Jane reads with exceptional accuracy. Professional, caring and compassionate psychic and medium. One and a half hours with EVERYTHING coming true. How could Jane know that my great aunt gifted me a ring and I kept her photo inside one of three books on my bedside table? How could Jane know that my half sister and I would reunite and meet in 2.5 years overlooking a city with tall buildings and bright lights, up high on a balcony sharing and enjoying a beautiful evening? Outstanding! Book now!


Wow i have been three times now and she is as far as i am concerned the real deal . Genuine and to the point . For me it would not matter how far i would have to travel to see jane i would travel this time i came from perth to see her thanks again.


“I have known Jane for years and have utilsed her unique skills often. She brings honesty, integirty and skill to her craft. Her expertise and rare physic ability makes her a leader in her field I have recommended many people to her who have been amazed at the results. If you are looking for somebody to provide you with some wonderful guidance and answers Jane is the person I would go to. She is exceptionally gifted and brings an inate sense of compassion and humility and humour to her clients.


I have been seeing Jane for over 4 years for readings and have referred her to a number of friends. They and I know she is the "real deal". Every time I see her I come away with a sense of direction and reassurance that I am on the right path regardless of how difficult it may seem. Her accuracy of the information and messages passed from loved ones on the other side is unsurpassed. I highly recommend her. Julie-Ann